About Us

Shree Vishwakarma Grameen Abhivruddhi Samste is registered with the Registrar of Societies under the SOCIETY ACT 1960 and the type of NGO is Registered Societies (Non-Government) and the Registration Number is DRBGK/83/2011-12 Date.18-06-2011.Vidya Vijay school is established in 2012-13 Pre Primary School 2013-14 Lower Primary School and 2018-19 Higher Primary School.We thank you all for being our parenting support to meet our needs and help us to grow. We could make this all happen for your humble and caring support that you had for this noble cause. Thank you, for sowing more seeds in this season of our lives so that we can see more fruits in the future.

School Building Photo

Shree Vishwakrma Grameena Abhivruddhi Samste Nagaral( sp) established in 2011by a young and dynamic leader Shri. Shrikant V Badiger.who has been the prime mover of this society’s multidimensional activities since the beginning. This is a non-profit that focuses on mobilizing communities for child education in India’s rural and educationally backward areas. Strongly aligned with the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti padhao’ or the ‘Education is for all ’, our society is committed to the Government’s vision to improve access to primary education for children, especially young girls.

Educate Girls currently operates successfully in over villages in By leveraging the Government’s existing investment in schools and by engaging with a huge base of community volunteers, Educate Girls helps to identify, enroll and retain out-of-school girls and to improve foundational skills in literacy and numeracy for all children (both girls and boys). This helps deliver measurable results to a large number of children and avoids the parallel delivery of services.

In respect, I express my heartiest appreciation to the local administration. I also want to thank all my members, volunteers, donors, supporters and well-wishers who cooperate with the N.G.O. with active participation to succeed in all our welfare activities.

Our Mission

To develop world-class institutions for the holistic development of individuals involving Academic excellence, professional competence, human values, and societal skills to empower them to become leaders capable of facing future challenges and guiding the society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning. All our students will achieve personal success in their learning and become responsible and productive citizen.Vidya Vijay school is open for every child who wants to achieve something exceptional in their life.

Our Objective

It is our aim to provide best features in study in the Badami District and want to harness leadership potential in students and provide a platform for the same. We also want to Engage highly experienced and educated teachers to develop their skills.

Our Achievements

We have established a Primary and High School in Kannada and English Medium in 212-13 located at Badami wherein about 225students irrespective of caste, creed and religion are studying in our school including poor and orphan kids. Besides giving educational benefits, we are also trying to engage our students in computer training to upgrade their technical skills.